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Post Doc Research Scholar

111901 - Poultry Science 05/17/2017 Post Doc
A postdoctoral position is available for a USDA-AFRI funded project focused on developing novel methods for preventing food-borne disease by controlling Salmonella in poultry through a greater understanding of the intestinal microflora. The successful candidate will be expected to manage a multidisciplinary research project involving bacteriology, immunology, microbiome, bioinformatics and poul… View Details Bookmark

Post Doc Research Scholar

111801 - Entomology and Plant Pathology 09/20/2017 Post Doc
This position will be a member of an inter-disciplinary project team, and will be exposed to multiple fields of study including molecular biology, physiology, breeding, pathology, genetics, genomics, statistics and histology. The essential responsibilities of this position include: Work to elucidate the basal defense response in sorghum, using molecular biological, physiological and mapping… View Details Bookmark

Postdoc Research Scholar

172201 - Biological Sciences 09/11/2017 Post Doc
The Postdoctoral Research Scholar will conduct behavioral and genetic research associated with Godwin’s DARPA award focused on the potential utility of gene drives to control invasive mouse populations. The key research questions the applicant will address are whether island populations of house mice are characterized by behavioral and genetic adaptations that are likely to affect the efficacy … View Details Bookmark

Postdoctoral Research Scholar

140201 - Chemical & Biomolecular Engr 08/29/2017 Post Doc
Gene regulatory networks (GRNs), complex webs of genetic interactions, are hypothesized to explain emergent properties of developing tissues, such as the robustness and sharpness of gene expression. However, hypotheses of how these properties emerge from specific GRN motifs are difficult to verify, partly due to the high degree of complexity found in native GRNs. To overcome this difficulty, an… View Details Bookmark

Research Associate

150201 - Parks, Recreation & Tourism Mg 08/28/2017 Post Doc
Design, test, and interpret multi-attribute optimization models to support climate adaptation and planning for the management of cultural resources (e.g. historic buildings) at two National Park Service sites. Work in close collaboration with the Southeast Climate Science Center and USGS decision analysists (Dr. Mitch Eaton and Dr. Max Post van der Burg). Some travel required for on-site data c… View Details Bookmark

Postdoctoral Research Scholar

110308 - Kannapolis Research 08/25/2017 Post Doc
The North Carolina Research Campus (NCRC) has been established as a private and public venture, with the mission to provide renewed knowledge in the domains of nutrition and human health and longevity. This Postdoctoral Research Scholar position will contribute to the new Foundation for Food & Agriculture Research (FFAR) project on “Closing the gap in delivery of fruit & vegetable benefits”. … View Details Bookmark

Postdoctoral Research Associate

140201 - Chemical & Biomolecular Engr 08/04/2017 Post Doc
Understanding the mechanistic basis of addiction will have considerable impact on our ability to stem the rising epidemic in substance abuse disorders. Powerful animal models and genetic tools have provided important insights over the past several decades. However, there are several important challenges that remain in our understanding of addiction. In particular, while considerable effort has … View Details Bookmark

Postdoctoral Research Scholar

196001 - Dept-Population,Health,Pathobi 08/02/2017 Post Doc
One postdoctoral fellow position in Infectious Disease Microbiology is available in Casey Theriot’s group (Department of Population Health and Pathobiology, College of Veterinary Medicine, North Carolina State University). The Theriot Laboratory is interested in understanding how antibiotics alter the gastrointestinal microbiota and metabolome to allow for Clostridium difficile colonization … View Details Bookmark

Post Doc Research Scholar

110308 - Kannapolis Research 07/12/2017 Post Doc
The Plants for Human Health Institute is seeking a highly motivated and talented scientist with solid lab skills in Arabidopsis genetics and epigenetics to fill an NSF-funded postdoctoral position to study the mechanism of genomic imprinting regulated by active DNA demethylation in Arabidopsis. The focus of this project is to use a combination of molecular biology, genetic, genomic, and bioinfo… View Details Bookmark

Clinical Pathology Residency

196001 - Dept-Population,Health,Pathobi 07/05/2017 Post Doc
In this three year residency position a qualified candidate will participate with faculty, staff, and veterinary students in daily professional activities. Residents will evaluate and diagnose cytologic and hematologic cases and laboratory data. Attendance and participation in clinical pathology rounds, case discussions, journal club, histopathology conferences, house officer rounds, int… View Details Bookmark

Postdoctoral Research Scholar

141901 - Computer Science-engr 06/16/2017 Post Doc
The Department of Computer Science at North Carolina State University invites applications for a Postdoctoral Research Scholar to join Dr. Blair D. Sullivan’s research group, Theory in Practice. The researcher will focus on problems in graph algorithms and parameterized complexity relevant to the Data-Driven Discovery Initiative of the Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation. The scholar will help ide… View Details Bookmark

Postdoctoral Research Scholar

141901 - Computer Science-engr 06/05/2017 Post Doc
A postdoc in the general area of software systems. The position will help us complete the research project titled “Data Locality Enhancement of Dynamic Simulations for Exascale Computing”, sponsored by the Department of Energy USA. Doing research on high performance machine learning. Writing papers and proposal related with the topic. View Details Bookmark

Anesthesiology Intern

194001 - Dept Molecular Biomedical Scie 05/22/2017 Post Doc
A 12 month position delivering veterinary anesthesia within the NCSU Teaching Hospital to both small and large animal patients. The incumbent will also share in emergency duties related to administering anesthesia. View Details Bookmark

Postdoctoral Teaching Scholar

160301 - History 05/09/2017 Post Doc
Teaching courses in Middle Eastern history. The Postdoctoral Teaching Scholar will be expected to teach two classes per semester in the Department of History. The Teaching Scholar will pursue their own individual research agenda and be guided by a faculty mentor in their respective field. A research presentation in the Spring semester of each year will summarize progress in this arena and… View Details Bookmark

Veterinary Neurology/Neurosurgery Fellow

195001 - Dept of Clinical Sciences 03/30/2017 Post Doc
9-month clinic appointment on the Neurology service, during which the successful Fellow will work alongside a faculty neurologist to provide supervision and oversight for the daily service operations. This will include providing backup for house officers on call for neurology and neurosurgical emergencies. The remaining 3 months will be devoted to gaining additional training in an area of inter… View Details Bookmark

Postdoctoral Research Scholar

194001 - Dept Molecular Biomedical Scie 03/15/2017 Post Doc
The Evolutionary Anatomy Lab in the North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine invites applicants for a two-year postdoctoral position. The successful candidate will join a research group focused primarily on African hominin paleontology, with specific interests in the functional morphology of the postcranial skeleton and methodological advances in body size estimation. The … View Details Bookmark

Post Doc Research Scholar

111801 - Entomology and Plant Pathology 03/29/2017 Post Doc
The Post Doc Research Scholar will coordinate a project on the development and implementation of biological control of spider mites in tomatoes and other vegetables using Phytoesiulus persimilis. The project revolves around using modified banker plant systems to promote early season buildup of P. persimilis in tomato fields, and will include quantifying impacts on phytophagous mites (abundance… View Details Bookmark

Ruminant Health Intern

196001 - Dept-Population,Health,Pathobi 01/11/2017 Post Doc
This one-year program will provide training in ruminant health management. The internship will include broad experience in ruminant health management (e.g., dairy and beef production medicine, small ruminant health programs, calf management, mastitis and milk quality, etc.). Individuals who have successfully completed the ruminant internship are currently in positions in general and specialty … View Details Bookmark

Post Doc Research Scholar

194001 - Dept Molecular Biomedical Scie 02/10/2017 Post Doc
The laboratory of Dr. Troy Ghashghaei ( is seeking postdoctoral scholars with a strong interest in neurosciences. The successful candidate must possess past training in experimental approaches using, cellular, molecular and genetic mouse models. Preference will be given to individuals with documented experience with current molecular, biochemical and high throughput a… View Details Bookmark

Postdoctoral Research Scholar

140401 - Electrical & Computer Engr. 12/14/2016 Post Doc
The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) is seeking two postdoctoral research scholars within the Information Sciences area. Good candidates are sought to conduct research in the broad area of Data Science, Signal Processing or machine learning with diverse applications, including Biomedical, Remote sensing, imaging and other unstructured data applications. A solid theo… View Details Bookmark

Postdoc for Electron Microscopy Services

140501 - Engineering Research 10/18/2016 Post Doc
The Analytical Instrumentation Facility (AIF) seeks a talented and industrious experimentalist to join our team as an Electron Microscopy Specialist. The AIF is NC State’s primary shared facility for materials characterization with a mission to enable and lead state-of-the-art research through acquisition, development, maintenance, training, and access to major analytical and materials charact… View Details Bookmark

Postdoctoral Scientist

150103 - The Center for Geospatial Analytics 08/19/2016 Post Doc
Work in cross-institutional team to understand spatio-temporal dynamics of epidemics caused by long-distance dispersal pathogens, and how those dynamics influence the efficacy of strategies for disease control. View Details Bookmark

Postdoc- Systems Biology and Physiology

194001 - Dept Molecular Biomedical Scie 06/09/2016 Post Doc
The Engineered Medical Responses Lab seeks dynamic, highly motivated, goal oriented postdoctoral scholars with an interest in mathematical modeling of physiological processes. The ideal candidate will have a broad interest in the challenge of translating biological mechanistic hypotheses into testable mathematical formulations. Preference will be given to applicants with a demonstrated facili… View Details Bookmark

Postdoctoral Research Scholar

186401 - Textile Engineering, Chemistry 03/25/2016 Post Doc
The project is related to color analysis of multicolored material (primarily for US Army). We are in need of urgent expert assistance to complete the development of hardware, generation of code for image analysis and pattern recognition. The individual needs to have expert knowledge of color science, image analysis, computer software development, and be able to write reports and present data an… View Details Bookmark

Postdoctoral Research Scholar

140170 - FREEDM Center 01/14/2016 Post Doc
FREEDM Systems Center for NSF Engineering Research was created by an 18 Million dollar NSF Grant and will facilitate a radical transformation of renewable energy delivery management systems, significantly increasing the deployment of renewable energies in our country and spawning new industries. The ERC multidisciplinary teams will partner with collaboration and innovation programs, involving … View Details Bookmark


183501 - Nonwovens Institute 10/02/2014 Post Doc
This position will be for a researcher to conduct fundamental research, write papers and reports and perform lab experiments for the evaluation of nonwovens for filtration. Specific duties include to critically evaluate properties and structure of fibers and nonwovens through various analytically techniques. View Details Bookmark