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Research Associate

118101 - Biological And Agricultural En 05/25/2017 EHRA
The Research Associate position will develop, test, and apply whole system models for simulating crop production on shallow water table soils with artificial drainage systems. The position will calibrate and validate the modeling framework using field measured data collected from sites across the U.S. Midwest. Applying the modeling framework across the U.S. Midwest to simulate the hydrologic,… View Details Bookmark

Extension Program Assistant

117809 - Southeast District - New Hanov 05/24/2017 NCCE
The New Hanover County Friends of the Arboretum (NHCFOA) is a 501©3 non-profit organization tasked with raising funds to support maintenance and improvements to the seven acre Display Garden. The major fundraising event is October’s Art in the Arboretum. Other support is derived from memberships, grants and private donations. A second major fund-raiser scheduled some time between lat… View Details Bookmark

Temp Research Assistant

111502 - Center for Environmental Farming Systems 05/23/2017 Temp
This position offers work with the Center for Environmental Farming Systems (CEFS) with the North Carolina Growing Together (NCGT) initiative. This position will help develop business plans for local food businesses in North Carolina. Primary responsibilities include a general analysis of current business opportunities for local food businesses, interviews with business owners, supplies, an… View Details Bookmark

Temp Laboratory Assistant

111801 - Entomology and Plant Pathology 05/23/2017 Temp
Cleaning, dish washing, collecting data in insect rearing systems and recording data in spreadsheets and statistical programs, making insect diets, helping to care for insect colonies, conducting routine laboratory functions with equipment such as spectrophotometers and plant extraction equipment. View Details Bookmark

Research Assistant

111901 - Poultry Science 05/22/2017 Temp
Assist with data collection on experiments during specific dates of Processing. View Details Bookmark

Research Assistant

110901 - Crop and Soil Sciences 05/22/2017 EHRA
This position is needed to support two programs within the Crop & Soil Sciences department. This will be a support role for the Official Variety Testing (OVT) and Small Grain Programs. The successful incumbent will be responsible for the generation and delivery of specialty crop data (malting barley, grain sorghum, etc) to growers in the state. This will eventually expand to include other … View Details Bookmark

Research Technician

112101 - Applied Ecology 04/11/2017 Temp
The technician will participate in conducting fish and mussel (invertebrate) field sampling, laboratory processing of samples, toxicity testing, data recording, data processing, and compilation of findings. They will be an assistant and participate in multiple duties associated with ongoing research and outreach activities related to fisheries and aquatic science, applied ecology, and environm… View Details Bookmark

Post Doc Research Scholar

111901 - Poultry Science 05/17/2017 Post Doc
A postdoctoral position is available for a USDA-AFRI funded project focused on developing novel methods for preventing food-borne disease by controlling Salmonella in poultry through a greater understanding of the intestinal microflora. The successful candidate will be expected to manage a multidisciplinary research project involving bacteriology, immunology, microbiome, bioinformatics and poul… View Details Bookmark

Temp Research Technician

111101 - Food,Bioprocess & Nutrition Sc 05/19/2017 Temp
The Gutierrez Lab is looking for a temporary research technician with experience in handling BSL2 human pathogens, DNA extraction, PCR amplification and management of research experiments related to Food Safety and Environmental microbiology. Of special interests are candidate wit experience in melon, strawberry and blueberry cultivation systems and handling of BSL2 pathogens within those envi… View Details Bookmark

Summer Potato Field Worker

111501 - Horticultural Science 04/26/2017 Temp
Weeding plots, hand harvesting potato field plots, harvesting seed from greenhouse generated fruit, frying potato chips, assisting in grading process, cleaning and preparing harvesting equipment, cleaning equipment post harvest, other tasks as the need arises. 40 hours a week, some weeks will be less and the time of day the project will start in the the mornings will fluctuate depending on t… View Details Bookmark

Temp Farm Worker

115101 - University Field Laboratories 05/18/2017 Temp
Operate tractors and other farm machinery for maintaining a research farm View Details Bookmark

Temp Swine Research Technician

110701 - Animal Science 05/17/2017 Temp
Job responsibilities include; observing and recording swine behavior, handling of market weight swine and working with others as a team to complete daily swine management tasks. View Details Bookmark

Temp Research Technician

111101 - Food,Bioprocess & Nutrition Sc 05/17/2017 Temp
The Sheppard lab is seeking a part-time research technician to assist with activities in the NC State Brewery. Duties Include: Meet measuring specification of grains, milling and stirring grain mash. Washing and filling tanks, testing products to ensure that it meets ideal specifications, filtering and kegging beer. Candidate must be able to lift heavy loads (up to 55 lbs). 21 years … View Details Bookmark

Research Technician

110901 - Crop and Soil Sciences 05/17/2017 SHRA
The primary purposes of this position are: 1) to independently conduct artificial hybridization programs for the different species that are bred for in the turfgrass breeding and genetics program at NCSU, and 2) to independently manage all field aspects of the program including planting, plot maintenance, and data collection of field trials conducted to evaluate performance of breeding lines to… View Details Bookmark

Assistant Professor - Rhizoshere

110901 - Crop and Soil Sciences 05/17/2017 EHRA
Organize and conduct grant-funded basic and applied research on rhizosphere science, root zone processes, and plant-soil interactions, in field, greenhouse, and laboratory settings. We are specifically interested in candidates that focus on the chemical interactions between plants and the soil system around roots. Specific topics of interest may include modeling, metabolomics, and stable is… View Details Bookmark

Gardens Manager

111503 - Horticulture - JC Raulston Arboretum 05/17/2017 SHRA
This Gardens Manager will serve as the lead horticulturist at the JC Raulston Arboretum supervising horticultural specialists, research technicians, interns, and volunteers. The position will work hands-on in the arboretum maintaining gardens, helping design and implement new garden spaces, diagnosing and treating abiotic and biotic problems, maintaining and improving nursery operations, and e… View Details Bookmark

Temp Lab Technician

110308 - Kannapolis Research 05/16/2017 Temp
Temp employee in the laboratory will participate in research in the area of natural products. Investigation of bioactive compounds in natural products utilizing high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), high resolution liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS), as well as nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) instrumentation. Investigations also emphasize the identification of genes res… View Details Bookmark

Temp Lab Assistant

111801 - Entomology and Plant Pathology 05/16/2017 Temp
To assist diagnosticians in normal operations of the clinic: Duties include preparing plant and soil samples for diagnosticians; performing routine assays; lab maintenance and housekeeping; and limited administrative and customer service tasks. This position is well suited for anyone who is interested in horticulture, plant pathology, entomology. Background or interest in the plant scien… View Details Bookmark

Camp Counselor

112412 - Betsy-jeff Penn 4-H Camp 02/16/2017 Temp
These positions will provide cabin leadership and/or teach in various activity areas. Flexibility in schedule will be needed for success in these positions. Applicant must be able to live on site duration of employment, Sunday-Friday. View Details Bookmark


111401 - Agricultural and Human Sciences 05/15/2017 EHRA
This is a 9-month position for a term of possibility one full academic year (2017-2018). The primary responsibilities will be to teach undergraduate and graduate courses in agricultural leadership. Also, included in the responsibilities is advising undergraduate students. This is a teaching position, with responsibilities including teaching 4 – 5 courses per semester. Position responsibilitie… View Details Bookmark

Turkey Education Unit Temp Technician

111901 - Poultry Science Temp
Serve as an integral part of the teams of several faculty principle investigators during the conduct of experiments. Daily technicians also assist in the training of undergraduate and grad students. Daily care of Turkeys is required. Responsibilities will require animal care standards. Position is required to drive farm and state vehicles. The turkey education unit (Prestage Department o… View Details Bookmark

Temp Research Assistant

111801 - Entomology and Plant Pathology 05/10/2017 Temp
This position is to conduct the day to day activities of the berry crops micropropagation program at the Micropropagation and Repository Unit. This includes berry crops (strawberry, blackberry, raspberry and blueberry) plant propagation in tissue culture, in the greenhouse and the screen house for distribution to berry crops nurseries and other stakeholders. Other activities include but are n… View Details Bookmark

Office Assistant

110701 - Animal Science 05/10/2017 Temp
Assist with day to day programming and work with livestock judging, skillathon and other contests. Also assist with training livestock teams. View Details Bookmark

Horticultural Camp Counselor

111501 - Horticultural Science 05/10/2017 Temp
The Horticultural Science Summer Institute Counselors are the primary caregivers for the program campers. The counselor is responsible for supervising and guiding campers in their personal growth and daily living skills. 1. Assist in the direction, supervision, and organization of campers in their dorms, within activities and throughout the camp in order to meet the intended campers outc… View Details Bookmark

Research Assistant

110901 - Crop and Soil Sciences 05/10/2017 Temp
Pollinating, and maintaining maize plants and experiments in field; harvesting experiments and controlled pollinations; collecting phenotypic data; sampling plant tissue for DNA extractions. View Details Bookmark

CEFS Communication Specialist

111502 - Center for Environmental Farming Systems 05/10/2017 Temp
Working closely with CEFS’ Communication Manager, the Communications Specialist will provide communication support, expertise, and specialized skills in the implementation of a strategic marketing and communications plan to solidify and strengthen CEFS’ brand. This strategy will broaden awareness of CEFS program and initiatives, increase the visibility of programs across key stakeholder audien… View Details Bookmark

Laboratory Assistant

111801 - Entomology and Plant Pathology 05/10/2017 Temp
The persona taking this position will assist in the rearing of insects for research purposes. This will include making of artificial diets, placing insects on diets, careful monitoring of insect growth, and providing researchers with quality insects for experiments. View Details Bookmark

Food Grade Laboratory Assistant

111101 - Food,Bioprocess & Nutrition Sc 05/10/2017 Temp
Data entry and analysis, sample preparation, consumer communications, report writing. View Details Bookmark

Post Doc Research Scholar

111801 - Entomology and Plant Pathology 05/09/2017 Post Doc
In response to stress, plants produce a wide variety of different chemicals, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in temporally, qualitatively and quantitatively complex patterns. The primary responsibilities of the position is to conduct independent research developing and using novel sensitive and selective sensors for the detection and identification of volatile compounds emitted by p… View Details Bookmark

Associate Professor

110308 - Kannapolis Research 05/08/2017 EHRA
Develop a broad-based research program on the interface between nutrition and health protective phytochemicals in edible plants. Develop a nutritional translation laboratory to include analytical biochemistry (particularly targeted metabolomics), and models of human clinical and cell culture screening of biological activity, to explore the impact of diets, foods, functional ingredients and food… View Details Bookmark